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December 2016 CoA Election - Results
Election Results:

1st Round:
Farengeto - 8 votes
Omega - 19 votes
RON - 0 votes

Omega wins in the first round with a majority
The South's Pancake
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Congratulations to Omega, our returning Chair.

[Image: C10389-01_jonathan_wingback_chair_green.jpg]

For you ^
Local Councillor
[Image: 7eRStvX.png]
Former Delegate (x2.5)
Former Member of the Committee for State Security
Former Chief Justice of The High Court (x3)
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (x2)
Former Chair of the Assembly (x3)
Former Minister of Security (x2)
Former Forum Administrator
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Congrats, Omega Smile
  Der Präsident und König Gianluca IV.
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Thank you very much for your congratulations! Now let's get back to work everyone!

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